The Senior PATH SmartLink Card

PATH patrons, 65 years of age and older, are eligible for a Senior PATH SmartLink Card. The Senior PATH SmartLink Card not only offers Senior PATH riders the ability to enter and use the PATH system at a discounted fare but also, allows Senior patrons to add trips onto their Cards, as well as pass through PATH turnstiles, quickly and easily.

Currently, Senior PATH SmartLink Cards are not available for direct purchase online. To obtain a Senior Card, you must complete and submit a Senior PATH SmartLink Card application for approval. You may fill out and print this mail-in form by clicking on the "Apply for a Senior Card" link below.

To ensure that your form is processed in a timely manner, please be sure to carefully read all Senior Card requirements and follow of the instructions that are detailed on the form. After your application is received, processed and approved, and you receive you new Senior PATH SmartLink Card in the mail, take advantage of convenient and easy-to-use online Card management features and tools by creating a Web account.

Apply for a Senior Card