How does Automatic Replenishment work?

Skip standing in line with Automatic Replenishment

Automatic Replenishment is an optional automatic trip/pass replenishment service offered for your PATH SmartLinkSM Card. Just sign up for automatic replenishment and put your commute on automatic pilot. No more waiting in lines!

How Automatic Replenishment works:

  1. Create a web account.
  2. Next, select the "product" (20 or 40 trips, or 30-day unlimited use pass) you want to be automatically loaded onto your PATH SmartLinkSM Card every time your Card’s balance reaches five (5) remaining trips or five (5) remaining days.
  3. Then provide information from a valid credit card, or select one of your stored payment options within your PATH SmartLinkSM Card Web Account, to be charged every time your SmartLinkSM Card is "automatically replenished" with trips or a pass.
  4. Each time your SmartLinkSM Card reaches five (5) remaining trips or five (5) remaining days left, it will then be "automatically replenished" with the product chosen during setup. The credit card that you entered or selected for the service will immediately be charged the appropriate amount each time an automatic replenishment occurs

SmartLinkSM Replenishment Service Agreement